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Lifetime's Hatchet Job

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PostPosted: Fri Dec 09, 2011 11:55 am    Post subject: Lifetime's Hatchet Job  Reply with quote

Lifetime, Television For Women, aired a program called, "Casey Anthony, How We Got Here."  I recorded till I had time to watch it.  That time came today.  They told the story, again from the pro-prosecution.  So I didn't watch all the show since I heard all that garbage before.

As those of us who has followed the trial objectively knows, the prosecution and the media totally ignore key aspects of the case.  Lifetime is no different.  So, Lifetime isn't television for all women, just pro-prosecution women.  

On the program they played a portion of a 9-1-1 call Cindy made.  They did not play the part where Cindy said her daughter was missing for 30 days "and I just found her."  That would have spoiled the part of the story where they said Cindy had talked to Casey on the phone several times for those 30 days asking where Caylee was.  I have written about those 30 days here:

Then there is the inconsistency in Lifetime's version of the story about the photos.  They said that Cindy found photos in their computer of Casey, before Caylee went missing.  She thought she was taking care of Caylee because Casey was working, but the pictures showed Casey having a good time, with her little blue dress on rubbing another girl that had less on than Casey.  Then later, Lifetime showed the very same photos suggesting they were taken when Caylee was missing.  Which is it Lifetime?

Lifetime's program was the same old garbage we have been hearing for several months, that some have heard for years.  Casey lied, Casey wanted the wild life, and Caylee was simply in the way.  So Casey killed Caylee and threw he away like garbage.  But, Lifetime did not offer up any proof whatsoever.  Surprise, surprise.

Five plus months after the verdict, and I have yet to hear or see any proof that Casey is guilty of murdering Caylee.  And we will never know the truth because the buffoons in the Orange County Sheriff's Department won't do any further investigation to get at the truth, nor do the court jesters of the Orange County District Attorney's office don't care about the truth.  They saw the real truth in front of them but never was able to put it together as to who really killed Caylee.  They glossed over and ignored the truth and railroaded Casey instead to successfully protect the real murderer.

It seems to me that no one in the media, news or entertainment, cares anything about the truth.  

Why doesn't someone do a program that explores alternative explanations of what happened to Caylee?  Maybe they're afraid to.  They might even convince themselves that Casey is innocent.


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