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Presidential & Congressional Politics
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2014 Congressional Elections
Proof that Barack Obama is Stupid
Tom Lineaweaver for President in 2016
Congress Shall Regulate Currency
Our Treasonist Presidents
Why I As A Christian Voted For Obama
What Happened In The 2012 Presidential Election?
Last Weekend Before the Election
The Most Wicked and Evil President
Does Fox News Want Obama Re-Elected?
Former Paul Supporter Leans Toward Romney
No Longer Supporting Ron Paul
A Poor Man Defends Mitt Romney
RNC Working to Re-elect Barack Obama
The State of the Union 2012
Evangelical Christians in South Carolina Vote for Gingrich
Rick Perry Is Right
The Media, Obama's Defense Cuts, And Ron Paul
The Epitome Of What Is Wrong In Washington DC
GOP Presidential Debates Not Serious
Is Rick Santorum Really That Stupid
Just Blame Obama
Republican Presidential Candidate: Herman Cain
Complex Presidency
Trump 2012
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